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A Colorful Luau Summer Party

As the summer break begins, most of the kid will just be relaxing at home. This is the right time for to throw a Luau summer party. This will be fun for the kids, and you will enjoy organizing it. The luau party supplies will make your summer part colorful and bright. There is a wide range of items to choose from.

The Luau Invitations and Decorations

Start preparations by making a guest list and sending out luau invitations to all the little. After this is done you can start decorating the place with luau decorations. Make the whole place colorful with the different floral hangings. You can use your creativity and come up with more ideas to go with your luau theme. To get the Hawaiian feel to life you can use decorations for a luau scene and make the party place more colorful. Once the entire place is ready for the party, you need to get some real tasty food ready for the kids to relish. Keeping the theme in mind you need to have a variety of juices which can be served using the Hawaiian luau party supplies, this will give more to the Hawaiian touch.

Dressing up For the Luau Summer Bash  

Dressing up for the luau party will be fun for the kids. They can get as colorful and bright as possible with home made costumes or the costumes available with the decorations for a luau party. You can choose from, skirts, hats, leis and much more. Everything put together will make the summer bash a super success.

Be Different – Have a Luau Engagement Party

Everyone wants their engagement and weddings to be unique as it’s a real special occasion. Summer time is the best to have a Luau engagement party.  The Hawaiian theme will give you freedom to choose from a variety of stuff available. You can be refreshingly different by organizing the luau party in your backward or poolside.

The Hawaiian Touch

With so much to organize you can start off by sending colorful Hawaiian luau party invitations to all your close relative and friends. Start decorating the party area with luau decorations banners announcing the occasion and you can also have the names of the engagement couple written on it. Put up floral hangings on all the fences and walls, you can even have luau party decorations with tree hanging and many other lovely things like lanterns, garlands, cutouts and much more. Continuing with the luau theme you can have the food at the engagement served in luau party supplies, with plenty of fruit punch to enjoy. A brightly colored floral luau cake would be perfectly romantic for the occasion.

Fun and Dance at the Engagement

Everyone at the luau party will surely be dressed in bright floral clothes. Having some luau hats for the guest, available with the Hawaiian luau decorations or some hair clips, headbands from the luau decorations, will be a lot of fun. Light up the whole place brightly with luau party extras, have some good music and the dance will follow. Just let your imagination flow and make your engagement day special in all possible ways.

Ideas for Luau Invitations and Guest Welcome

If you think about a theme based party, luau theme based party comes at top of your list because of fun and uniqueness it brings to your party. Luau theme is applicable for almost all kind of parties whether it is a kid’s birthday or a bachelor party, wedding shower or let it be anything. However, luau theme based party needs few arrangements and bit of work to make your party a success. Such arrangements start from luau invitations and it also includes welcoming guests. So, let us look some different kind of luau ideas of invitations first and welcoming.

Luau Invitations

To decide which kind of luau invitation to send, you have to look at the purpose of a party. If it’s a kid’s birthday, you can send luau tiki party invitation or sun glass invitation which is kids’ favorite luau birthday invitation cards. However, this idea differs with bridal shower party or bachelor party and for that you can select one of these luau invitations.

Welcoming Guests

Once you distribute the luau invitation cards, it’s time to know how you can welcome your guests. Just like invitation cards, welcome theme also depends upon age of your guests. If guests are kids, welcome them with luau sun glasses or luau hats. However, if guests are adults, welcome male guests with luau hats and female guests with luau garlands. You can also give a beautiful flower to female guests to fasten it in hair.

Ideas for Luau Dinner Party

If you are thinking of throwing a dinner party in the summer time, you can think of arranging luau dinner party for your guests. Think about a pretty soft evening with breeze going across lots of flowers and you are enjoying a luau party with your friends. I am sure, this will be very good idea to invite your friends on dinner. So, let us get some ideas about how to arrange luau dinner party.

Luau Decoration

To host a luau dinner party, you have to decorate your garden or backyard with luau party supplies. For this, you can use luau banners and luau hanging decorations. Decorate the trees around the garden with luau lanterns. You can also think of welcoming party people with luau garlands and luau balloons. To decorate other things, you can get luau party supply discounts to reduce cost of your party.

Dinner Party

As a starter drink, serve drinks in luau drink ware and coolers. As a dinner food, one option you can pick up is baked Hawaiian food which makes a perfect luau theme dinner. Or else you can also think of simple Hawaiian food such as kebobs or a spiced up pig roast. In fact, you can also try your hands at traditional Hawaiian food Poi. With that, load few luau serve wares with different tropical fruits such as coconuts, papayas, mangoes and pineapples and let the guests enjoy it. At the end of the party, distribute a luau party favor as a mark of respect for them.

Plan a Luau Birthday Bash

If your birthday comes in a cold wave of winter, nothing can get as warm as a birthday bash and that too with the theme of Luau. Luau theme is one of the best innovative ways to celebrate your birthday with friends and families. For this birthday bash, it’s just that you have to decorate the party place with luau party supplies. Here are few luau party ideas to start your preparation.

Luau Invitations and Favor

To start with, first think of sending out luau birthday invitations to near and dear ones which will give them idea about the theme of the party. While sending out luau invitations you can also ask them to come in luau costumes to make your party theme rock. However, it is quite possible that everybody might not come with luau costumes. So, you can think of buying few luau hats that you can distribute among such guests to get them into the theme of luau. Meanwhile, you can buy luau party favors that you can distribute to party people. That will make party people happy and they will enjoy luau birthday bash.

Decorating Party Place with Luau Theme

Once you send out luau invitations, it’s time to decorate party place with luau party supplies. To start with, decorate the doors with luau & tropical door banners. For walls, there are pretty interesting luau hanging decorations are available. As a part of decoration, distribute luau balloons among guests which will give a nice feel to entire decoration. A birthday bash based on luau theme will make your day memorable for long time.